“pentagonal tower”

„Peterokutna kula“, in its current state, was built in the year 1447 in the time of the reign of Nicola de Lion. It was built in gothic style on the foundations of earlier fortifications, the oldest foundations date from the late antique. The architect was Jakomus de Pari, his son, carved a relief of a winged mletic lion, a symbol of mletic power. The lion holds an open book, because “Peterokutna kula “was built in time of peace. The book says” FACITE INSTITIAM ET DABO PACEM FINIBUS VESTRIS”, “BE JUST AND I WILL GIVE PEACE TO YOUR CITY”. In the ambient of this extraordinary monument of culture we want to give you a unique gastronomical experience.

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The „Peterokutna kula“ was built over an earlier Medieval, which on the other side of Dekuman Street had its symmetrical couple. Now the parallel north tower is covered by architecture, and old remains are found…

Chef Iris Begić

Iris Begić

The gastronomic offer of the restaurant” Peterokutna kula “ consists of a menu which is a connection of love to traditional Istrian culinary tradition and passion towards innovation and new techniques in culinary arts. Autochtonuos recipes are updated with top quality techniques, creativity, and experience, carefully selected ingredients promise a unique gastronomical experience.
Chef Iris Begić with his team

specialties of the house

Wagyu beef - Kobe steak

Bourguignon Polish snails, spicy herb seeds ...

Sea Urchin, foam cauliflower, polpa hedgehog ...


Restaurant Pentagon Tower - Porec